Investment Strategy

Our goal is to achieve a high rate of return on our investments within one year. We do this by utilizing our past experience in specific areas and continually analyzing markets dynamics, regulatory change and emerging trends to identify disruptive innovation opportunities and the companies that are innovating today.

Disruptive innovators are usually non-traditional and unattractive from an investment perspective to organizations moving upward in their markets today. It is these organizations that attract our attention and are candidates for investment. Depending on requirements investments are either solely on our own or in conjunction with high net worth investment partners.

Once identified as a true disruptive innovator our team, both pre and post investment, are able to provide investment support and management consulting expertise to accelerate growth in the markets where the greatest potential exists, ultimately leading to a high valuation.

Torkore focuses on and is aware that market dynamics, regulatory change and emerging trends present vast opportunities for growth to companies who are in an advantageous position and at the forefront of these trends. Torkore seeks out not only investment opportunities that are disruptive, but also the individuals and companies that are capitalizing on these trends. It is our aim to accelerate this growth and potential within the global market.

Current Investment Industry Sectors